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What Should You Do After a Car Accident?

No matter how careful a driver you are, there is no telling when you might experience an accident. Car accidents are much more commonplace than most people think. In 2020, for example, there were a total of 5,250,837. The majority of these car accidents occur due to drinking under the influence or overspending. In any case, knowing how you must proceed following a car accident is necessary.

What to do after a car accident?

Here are the steps you must take if you get into a car accident:


The first thing to do is to carefully check yourself and other passengers, if there are any, for signs of injuries. Make sure you feel and appear completely fine; if not, then addressing any injuries will take priority over all other tasks. Once you have inspected yourself and all others involved in car accidents for signs of injuries, it is necessary to inspect your vehicle. Judge how much damage has been done, as this will help you in your next course of action.

Call for assistance

It is important to ensure you are in a safe spot and then call for help as required by the first step. This means if there are injuries that need addressing, call 911 immediately. It is also necessary to call the nearest police station to report the incident. The police report is a legal requirement and will be needed later on when you file a claim with your insurance company.

Book a towing service 

Once the police have arrived at the scene and completed the report, you call for a tow service as needed. Towing companies like Kid Towing provide excellent towing services and transport your car safely to the car repair shop of your choosing. Kid Towing provides emergency towing, roadside assistance, and junk car removal services for your convenience.

Secure all the information

You must note down all the information, like the contact details of the other party involved. While the police will complete documentation of the event, you must do so at your end. This includes getting all the pictures and noting down details like the timings, the names of the police officers, the location details, and details regarding the vehicles involved.

File a claim

Finally, it is time to file a claim with your insurance agency. You may need to file claims with your health insurance and your car insurance companies depending upon the damage. 

Minimizing damage

It is ideal to avoid getting into car accidents altogether. Being careful on the road by following all road safety guidelines is a must. However, you never know what may occur on the road. It is necessary, as a result, to follow through with the protocol provided above to minimize the damage and reduce the negative impact of the car accident. 


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